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TV channels can be boring sometimes especially for a sexually active hardcore fan. Playboy TV is the only channel that gives you completely sexual content in all their shows. You can stream their shows online and previous shows are also available in the site. The channel differs from many of the porn sites in that the action is very intimate and passionate. Actually, it’s a very good pick for couples because it elicits all the intimate feelings that you would want to have when you are close to your significant other. However, even though there is great sexual play, hardcore penetrations are also onboard in the videos.

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There are over 50 shows that have been archived so far. Among the most popular shows include Foursomes and Playboy Morning Show. Foursomes do a very exciting experiment with two girls and two men who are completely strangers to each other. The four people are locked inside a mansion overnight with hidden cameras filming their moves. Many of them end up fucking each other before the sun rises. There is a lot of sexual tension and you really can’t tell beforehand what will transpire or how the strangers are going to pair up.

The Playboy Morning Show is a 60 minutes show that is brought daily. It involves a guy interviewing playmates and brings you sex news that will be of interest to porn viewers. Among the other interesting shows that you may want to check out include Jazmin’s Touch which is very good for couples, Hot Babes Doing Stuff Naked, The Wild Life, Money Talks, Miami and Naughty Amateur Home Videos.

These shows account for the 1429+ videos that are available on the channel currently and even though there are no bonuses, they upload at least two videos daily from Monday to Friday. You also get great discounts to other sites when you subscribe from their members’ area.

Playboy TV Discount
7.5 Total Score
ConsumerPorn Rating: B

Playboy TV discount is among the big boys in porn and they have managed to create for themselves a trusted brand for the last 50 years. You can never go wrong with playboy.