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You can leave an afternoon conversation with an acquaintance at any given time. But you are no longer yourself when you are snubbed by someone you consider special. It will make you insane. But know that when this insanity turns into a sincere act, it is transposed into a ‘state of being’ which is the strongest ground for a lifetime commitment, and that is, you not being able to live without the one you actually want to spend your every afternoon with, for as long as you live. You take on this sincerity because you know very well she is the girl for you. Well, how about we spice things up a bit by putting it into some lascivious context? That and more with I Know That Girl.

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The right regrets, that’s all there is to love and life. Getting married, I suppose, is one of the most stupid things to do in this world. But you’d rather be stupid than lose the one you love. You do all this because you know the girl and you know she’s the one for you. But in this site, that is put into a different context. It is all about knowing the girl as someone who has been unfaithful, someone you wish you could get laid for a last time so you can have some closure, so you can make it feel like justice has been served.

Everyday, the videos of this site are getting a bit more on the edgy kind of comedy, edgy in a way that is so kinky. The girl betrays the man, the man wants redemption, he knows the girl now ha a new guy and so he deceives her by making her feel like he still loves her, but not really. He just wants to let the new guy see that he’s still fucking the girl and she cannot be trusted.

I Know That Girl is something I found to be purely unique in its ways. The videos all seem too real, but they are actually just really good actors. Found footage style videos, POV scandals and so much more meant for the vividness. 900 plus videos are currently available in the site, over 20 minutes each video. Photo galleries expand up to over 4,000 HD photos. The streamed video can be popped out into a small window and it automatically adjusts for mobile versions.

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